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Become a sponsor and start a distance adoption. You can carry a child away from the dump with just 1 euro a day

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Start volunteering with Alice For Children in Italy and in Kenya. Get involved and discover how you can actually help children from Nairobi’s slums!


Why in Kenya?

“One day a woman realized that something was going on on the edge of the cliff over the little lake between Korogocho and the dump. A young girl was trying to bring her brother with her, in order to throw both herself and the young boy into the water. But what is there in the world? What is there of evil and monstruous, that can push to suicide two children, just in the moment in which they should open themselves to life’s beauty?” from “Korogocho” by A. Zanotelli

We chose Kenya and its slums because there’s an extreme need and a permanent emergency.


Donate your 5... X1000!

FISCAL CODE 97452480151

A little action that can save the life of an orphan from African slums! Just sign and you will help us to carry a child away from the work in the dump. (only for Italians or Italian residents)


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