It’s our specialist course in Italian cooking for teenagers who graduated in Nairobi’s hotel management institutes. Vocational and technical institutes give the right instruments to immediately start a work, to become independent, even from an economic point of view, in order to build up a better future. These are the kind of studies that we suggest to teenagers who benefit from Alice for Children’s program.

Twins International is an Italian association and Italy is the first country in the world for cooking and food. As we work in Kenya, which is an African country that earn a lot from tourism (especially Italian tourism on the coast), we thought of creating a course of Italian cooking for teenagers who were interested in the touristic sector. We will start this important and ambitious project thanks to the collaboration of the hotel management school Carlo Porta in Milan and of the vocational school SOS Village in Nairobi. We started to create and structure this project in 2016 and it is going to start definitely in 2017.

Our main sponsor is Chateau D’ax and all their Italian shop.