It’s a state primary school attended by about 600 Maasai children and situated in the middle of the savannah, in the area of Amboseli National Park at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. From 2013 we have been guaranteeing to all students education and a meal a day, and we have been providing teachers with salaries that are not paid by the government (6 teachers of a total of 9). Before our arrival, these teachers got their salaries only occasionally and only thanks to students’ parents’ sacrifices. We provided all classrooms with desks and we created a fund for students’ health care.

We built the teachers’ house so that children can have classes every day and can get a permanent high-quality education. In 2015 we managed to inaugurate a fence to face charging elephants.

Our objective for 2017 is that of renovating and repairing the pipes which run from a well to the school. This well is a long way from the school but could be an opportunity to bring drinkable water to our children.

Our partner for this project is LIGHT OF MAASAI, managed by Maasai people and an Irish woman.