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Deploy your talent!

Volunteering implies testing your own talent first hand. It gives you the opportunity to learn new skills, to work with others, to learn new things from other people who already can do them. Sharing means personal growth and improvement. These new skills could be used for the rest of your like, during your studies or in any other fields.

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Start the charity circle!

If you volunteer with teenagers and especially with children, you can help to actually improve their future. Children and teenagers who benefit from a free help are more likely to do something for others when they become adults. That’s how you can start the charity circle!

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It helps with your job/1 – Meet new people!

You will meet new people who will share beautiful experiences with you. One day your volunteering “colleagues” could help you with your job. The streaming of the information, from mouth to mouth, is incredible, especially if you are searching for your first job or for a new one. Moreover, volunteers who will do this experience with you will make your knowledge and consider you as a generous, helpful and outgoing person, who is always ready to work hard. Who would not employ such a person?

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It helps with your job/2 – Learn new skills!

Your experience as a volunteer could help you even if you already have a job. The skills that you will learn by volunteering could help you to improve yourself from a working point of view and so to move up the career ladder. If you choose to volunteer, you obviously have some of the leader’s qualities which every employer is fascinated by and interested in.

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It makes you save money – Time is worth it when you donate it!

Do you want to help us but you don’t have a lot to spend? Offering your work in return for a donation is much more important for our association and even more convenient for you. It’s not necessary to spend two or three days a week volunteering, in fact it’s sufficient to help just with special events, fairs, extraordinary sales. Few hours in a month or just 2 minutes in a day are enough to help.

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It helps you to find new friends – A good friend is worth his weight in gold!

The perfect friend? You will always find him in a volunteering association like ours, because our volunteers are all nice, generous and disinterested people. In few words, they could be perfect friends for everyone. There’s no easiest and more interesting way of make new friends than by volunteering

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It makes your life complete – if you help then you are happy!

Time is precious! Why wasting it in front of the TV or inside department stores? Volunteering is even better! You will join interesting activities, you will make your ideas circle, you will have new experiences and above all you will get out of your home! Our volunteers saw their social agenda get full of activities and now they have more fun than ever. You don’t believe it, do you? Ask them!

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It makes you travel – Feeling at home by staying in a new place and then going back home and feeling new

You can volunteer in Milan, next to your home and everywhere in Italy. Or you can choose to travel to Kenya. In this case you will have the opportunity to travel, see our projects and the country where they develop and know a new culture, helping to improve far populations’ life conditions. Our staff and YearOut Onlus, our partner for international volunteering in Kenya, will follow, inform and train you to face this wonderful experience. International volunteering is a great chance to improve yourself and the world at the same time.