In the heart of Kenya, one can only reach our little primary school in the Korogocho slum walking through hoards of garbage along an extensive open sewer.

Amid the urban blight of such a massive slum, there is an oasis where about 900 children aged 3-15 can go to school on a regular basis, can have fun and above all they can have meals.

Thanks to the donations, we could connect electricity and bring water to this little piece of heaven. Besides, we planted trees and flowers as a symbol of hope and growth. We provided desks, chairs and blackboards to the classes, and we pay regular salaries to demanding  but kind teachers. The teaching-learning process in this school is the best of the whole slum, and we are very proud of it.

Through distance adoption, our project guarantees these orphans health care assistance. Living in a slum is a hard challenge every day. Therefore every year, we would like to let more children go to school, guarantee them at least a daily meal, build larger classes, and perhaps someday it would be wonderful to give the school a library and a computer room.