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Some days ago a precious piece of Alice for Children left us. Our shareholder and treasurer Umberto Camera suddendly passed away, leaving a void in the association and in our hearts.



From the beginning of Alice for Children’s story Umberto committed himself to our projects with passion and dedication, always sharing his precious skills and suggestions.

In 2010 he followed our staff to Nairobi during one of our monitoring journeys. That time he could see with his own eyes the context he had known about because of his huge curiosity. He also had the opportunity to meet Lucy, the girl he has been sponsoring for all these years.



One of the last times we could meet him was during our shareholders’ meeting, in July. In our meeting room, all of us was listening to our staff introducing our last project to support the families living in the slums, which we would have launched some days after.

Even that time, Umberto showed all his precious commitment to the association by giving a wonderful interpretation of the impact of this new project. He gave us an important point of view from where to start to talk about our work in the slums in an original and effective way. With his composure and clarity, Umberto was the irreplaceable friend and shareholder we loved, once again.



This brief article is dedicated to Umberto and his family, to whom we offer our sincere condolences.

We will miss him very much, but all his commitment and kindness will keep on living in our projects and in the hearts of our children, whom he helped so much.

Ciao Umberto!


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