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2020 has been full of challenges and obstacles, but also amazing to us, as we have changed and saved the lives of so many children and families living in Nairobi slums.

We made it only because of you.


You have supported us with your generosity and sensitiveness. You have trusted our work even when we had to make changes to cope with the new emergency Kenyan people were facing. You have strongly believed that for slums’ children and community a better future is possible , even when the situation got almost unbeareable.

For all these terrible months you have brought food to families who had not eaten in days, treatments to people who were risking their lives and smiles to children who could not leave their shacks. In the end you have changed the lives of lots of people. To us and to Kenyan families, you are heroes and you are allowing us to welcome this 2021 with hope and optimism.

Today we wish that 2021 would be better than this strange 2020. We want to dedicate to you this short video to thank you for all the amazing goals we reached together:







100 new children benefiting from our programs

 9 weeks of training and counseling for children, boys, girls and parents living in the slums

31 tons of soap and food delivered to slums families

1.470 home visits by social and health workers

170 children treated in hospital

50.000 sanitary pads given to girls in Nairobi and Rombo

107 school kit for our students, bought with your Christmas donations

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