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2020 upset our lives in a way or another.

We had to change our plans and some of the programs we had in Nairobi and in Italy were suspended, as we were trying to cope with Covid-19 emergency.

During 2020 we changed our way of working, reached more beneficiaries and carried out new activities to support the families living in the slums. This year we are going not only to carry out old pending programs, but also to start new ones which will involve both our Kenyan beneficiaries and anyone wishing to join Alice for Children’s family.



Our Italian food academy in Nairobi should have started again in spring 2020 with a brand new program of online lessons for those Kenyan students who cannot attend classes in Nairobi. With the outbreak of the world pandemic we had to cancel 2020 academic program. However we are going to carry out new Alice Italian Food Academy‘s classes during next months, with the partnership of Istituto Carlo Porta of Milan and involving new teachers and partners.



We have been working on a brand new project for some months now. The new platform Slum Rights Matter will aim to protect the rights of men, women and children living in Nairobi slums. We are going to carry out a 360° program to give voice to the most vulnerable part of Kenyan community, whose rights have always been denied. 2021 will be dedicated to women and girls living in the slums, whom we are going to provide with solid tools and support against violence and abuses, through sexual education, counselling, microcredit programs and more.



We don’t know yet when we will be able to fly again to Kenya, but we hope we will be able to organize some departures for next summer, to involve all professionals wishing to use their skills to help the community of Nairobi slum. There is some news for those people wanting to volunteer from home or here in Italy. We are working on a “distance volunteering” program for those people wanting to support us in our daily activities or to become Alice for Children’s digital ambassadors. We will work together with the aim of carrying Kenyan children’s and families’ voices to Italy, to bring awareness about subjects linked to the protection of human rights.


Stay tuned to know more about all 2021 news!

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