Italian Food Academy

Alice Italian Food Academy

Alice Italian Food Academy is a comprehensive teaching programme,
aimed to teach the corner stones of Mediterranean food, with its recipes and ingredients,
to Kenyan boys and girls who want to become chefs.

This project is going to benefit children living in Nairobi slums,
who, thanks to AIFA programme, are going to attend a three-years course about Italian cooking art.


In Africa lack of education spreads out and about 60% of Kenyan young people are unemployed. While robots and automation will substitute human beings in work places, population will triple.

Today, Kenya is the place of the highest working poverty rate – less than $2 daily salary.

In this environment our cooking school Alice Italian Food Academy is developing. A high-level training course which is going to give our children the opportunity to build up their future working life in Kenya. here, in facts, the touristic sector is one of the liveliest ones.


Our project partner is Istituto Carlo Porta of Milan, the most important school for tourism in Lombardy. The school is supporting Alice for children for the creation and development of Alice Italian Food Academy school program.

Thanks to a constant exchange of views about teaching and thanks to the presence on the field of Carlo Porta Institute’s teachers during the first months of the starting step, the teaching quality will be followed and monitored.


This is our new cooking laboratory, settled inside Alice Village.

Since last july, more than 45 boys and girls can enter the teaching course of Alice Italian Food Academy, attend the lessons of Italian chefs.

Our commitment doesn’t stop after the school. In facts, after this theorical and practical course, our future chefs will be ready to start their personal course to enter the best restaurants in Kenya, which we have built an efficient network with.


Alice for Children is looking for companies which are willing to share our values by supporting Italian Food Academy and becoming its “poster boys”. The network of sponsors, technicians and all people involved will have the advantage to find many other professionals who will be always available for the network. Alice’s staff will have the opportunity to count on your companies’ professionality, availability and ethic.

The shared objective will be that of making this project one of a kind, but replicable in other African countries.

To help Alice for Children means allowing your company to benefit from tax advantages and to be known by more and more people.

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