Who We Are
and How We Work

Board of directors & assembly

Our Onlus organization is totally managed by the General Assembly of our shareholders:

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Elena Bazzica
former Manager of Twins International

Michele Berra
Digital Marketing Manager in Banca Mediolanum

Donatella Bosio
Supporter and Sponsor

Umberto Camera

Alberto Cattaneo
Founding Partner of Cattaneo Zanetto & Co.

Tomaso Davico
New Markets Development Services Manager in “Italease Gestione Beni S.p.A.”

Corrado Di Mattina

Ernesto Di Sarro

Marzia Farè
Communication Manager

Davide Frezzato
Volunteers and Sponsors’ Delegate

Massimo Guffanti

Diego Leveghi
former CEO in QlikView

Alessandra Manuli
CEO in Hedge Invest SGR

Elisabetta Manuli
Vice President in Hedge Invest SGR

Diego Masi
President and Founder

Filippo Masi
President in Alba Quarter Horses

Armyne Needham

Daria Oggioni
Shareholder and Founder

Ida Oggioni

Edmond Opondo Oloo
Director and founder of Grapesyard Organization NGO

Marco Pontini
Vice President and Marketing Managing Director in Gruppo Radio Italia

Alfeo Rizzetto
President in Gruppo RAN and Sponsor

Massimo San Giuseppe
with Yvonne Gottardi Founders of BeOnMe Cosmetics

And by our Board of Directors:

Umberto Camera, Alberto Cattaneo, Corrado Di Mattina, Davide Frezzato, Diego Leveghi, Diego Masi, Filippo Masi, Daria Oggioni, Marco Pontini.
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