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Businesses in the future will have to have an active role in the society. Not only engines of employment or revenues, but also socially engaged for their stakeholders and communities. They should therefore become engines of collective well-being, acting in solidarity with the territory, creating together social value.

Alice for Children embraces this philosophy and likes to create long-lasting relationships with companies and Foundations over time, to enhance commitment and allow them to merge their philanthropic strategy with our goals and projects.



As Association we had the opportunity to collaborate with various companies, building projects together that have changed life for the better of our children and have allowed our collaborators to follow us on a continuous path over time.

There are many ways to collaborate with our Association: depending on the company and its size, the desire for involvement, the dedicated people and the type of business.


Here are some examples:

  • Co-create a project together and help us developing it

Among the latest projects carried out in recent years: our kindergarten Baby Care Center, the Food4Life program, the Alice Music Academy and the AIFA Professional School of Italian Cuisine.

  • Make a Donation

Donating means directly supporting Alice for Children programs by offering support and education to about 2,500 children. As a company, it is possible to make a free donation, giving the right to food, health, education and a roof.

  • Distance Adopting of a School Class

Distance support is an authentic and concrete help to give the children of the slums the hope of a better life within their community. The company will be associated with a specific class and will be able to follow and support each of its students on a path that lasts over time.

  • Create a Team Building Project

Becoming a volunteer allows to involve not only employees but also their families. It is possible to study an ad hoc company project, with a special organization, the result of our experience with volunteers.

  • Give us visibility and help us to fund raising

It is important for us to have partnerships with media companies. Through the help of these intermediaries, it is possible for us to spread our stories and contribute to a better future for our children.

  • Support our Christmas Campaign

In occasion of Christmas holidays Alice For Children creates presents and gift boxes, which can be a positive and meaningful way to wish happy holidays to employees and stakeholders. It will be also possible to donate for school education, health care and food support.


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