Since 2011 we have been guaranteeing our scholarships to about 20 teenagers so that they can go on with their studies in secondary and vocational schools. Children who benefit from our projects can receive our subsidies, depending on socio-economic and school performances parameters given by our local social workers. We pay special attention to those children who are orphans or live in very distressed situations. Once a year children attend a one-week training camp at Alice Village, our children’s home, where they have the opportunity to discuss, attend self-improvement sessions and improve their school performances through workshops and volunteering time within our projects.

After secondary and vocational schools, teenagers will be trained during a period of 6/9 months. In particular:

  • They will be addressed to stages with local companies or to vocational courses
  • if interested, they will subscribe to courses for IT certifications and for driving licences
  • at Alice Village they will attend a 3-days training camp in order to learn to write their own CV and to face future job interviews


While the best and worthiest teenagers could obtain scholarships to African universities in Kenya.



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