Our Special Projects
For Slums Children

Our special projects

Dandora and Korogocho slums house one of the largest dumps in Africa, where about 10,000 bare-handed people work to collect recycling. This slavery work involves about 6,000 children, who earn 1 dollar a day. Alice for Children works in these areas with 3 projects developed to carry away and reinstate young and baby workers: Baby Care Center project for babies, Food for Life project and Alice Music Academy project. Moreover, this year we have inaugurate in the Utawala district an Italian Food Academy, to train young chefs who, in this way, will be prepared when looking for a job.

The projects are supported by Fondazione Mediolanum (Food for Life), Fondazione Cariplo (Alice Music Ademy), Chiesa Valdese and Radio Italia.

Food for Life

A project to support families with their meals and to bring children away from the dump site.


Alice Music Academy

A school of music in the heart of Dandora slum, in Kenya: art and craft workshops for slum’s children.



Our health assistance for children and adults benefiting from our projects.


Baby Care Center

Our last goal reached inside Korogocho slum: a kindergarten hosting and assisting babies, while their mothers are working in the dump site.


Italian Food Academy

An Italian food academy for boys and girls ending secondary schools to have an important work chance.

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